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Additional Services

Extensive Professional Network

After being in the business for so many years, I have met and worked with many great photographers around the country. When any of us need another shooter to help us at events, we call on each other often because we enjoy working with fellow professionals we know and trust. Due to the reality of budget cuts, more and more clients are wanting to hire local photographers to cut down on travel and hotel costs. My network of photographers extends throughout the country, and when clients hire additional shooters through me, they know they are going to receive the same high level of expertise, experience and professionalism. Conversely, if another photographer needs help with their events in Atlanta or anywhere else, I’m always happy to help out.

iPad Photo Delivery

The iPad delivery system is for clients who want to deliver attendee photos instantly via email. This is a “win-win-win” proposition for everyone involved, especially during celebrity/speaker photo opps because 1. the attendee is instantly emailed a high-quality photo they can post on social media, 2. the celebrity/speaker will appreciate the expediency of the shooting process, and 3. the client doesn’t have to be concerned with delivering photos to attendees after the photo opp.

iPad Photo Delivery | Chris Savas Photography

Headshot Studio

I have been offering this service for many years but noticed it has lately become a very popular feature at many events. Due to the popularity of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and others, the need for updated profile photos is constant. As a result, more and more event planners are offering free headshots to their attendees as an event perk, a feature usually funded by corporate sponsors. This has become a big hit for many planners and attendees. If you want a standard or an on-site natural or custom designed background. I can deliver what you want.

Headshot Studio | Chris Savas Photography

GoPro Photography

GoPro cameras are becoming more and more common at events but are usually only used by video teams. I am very comfortable using these cameras and have created my own special rigs for hanging them in lighting grids, attached to a jib camera as well as concealing them on stage for unique angles and images. I can also work with video teams to deliver time-lapse footage in ballrooms, hallways, expo halls, wherever desired. It’s all about delivering something different for my clients and GoPros are a fun and unique way to do this.

GoPro Photography | Chris Savas Photography

Drone Photography

Drones are all “the buzz” lately and more people are talking about using them at events. I’ve been flying a quad copter for over two years and always make sure to remain updated about the regulations and laws concerning flying. Drones remain uncharted territory for many events, so professional expertise on the part of the photographer is absolutely essential, especially for safety and liability reasons. When you hire me to take aerial footage at your events, you know you are hiring a responsible, experienced and safety-conscious professional who will also deliver the images you desire.

Drone Photography | Chris Savas Photography