Seamless Imagery-VIRTUAL is a unique headshot service designed to meet the needs of companies whose employees are working remotely and unable to have headshots taken in person. Just because team members aren’t going into the office regularly doesn’t mean that companies don’t need them to put their best foot – in this case, face – forward. Using special technology, our special service takes a simple portrait shot from a camera or smartphone and transforms it into a professional-looking image suitable for company websites, social media profiles and other business materials. This easy-to-follow information sheet will help you understand how to take a quality photo to our specifications. Happy shooting!
This is a process where the subjects delivers a photo of themselves to our specifications and emails it to us to turn it into a professional looking headshot.

• We explain and show them how to shoot the best photo of themselves but giving them examples of what to do and not to do.
• We take their photo and our professionals manipulate it in our software to transform it into a professional looking headshot.
• We developed this for companies that want their employees image to have a consistent look.
• We will strip in the background of their choice, fix their make-up and clean up their hair.
Please watch our introduction video to understand what we can do for you.
At Seamless Imagery Virtual, we understand that not everyone is part of a large company or organization. That’s why we’ve designed our virtual headshot service to meet the needs of solo business owners and independent contractors, too!  
For a limited time, we are offering a special discounted “onesie” rate of just $50 per headshot (a $75 value), including two backgrounds of your choice.
The process is simple: just follow our shooting instructions, email your photo to, and provide us with your contact info. We will do our magic and send you the professional-looking headshot you need and deserve!

From ten people to thousands. We can deliver any level of headshot service that meets your budget and needs.
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